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Lest we forget the disgusting evil of Bush and Cheney.

Perhaps some Americans are waking up to the realization that the Iraq war was a complete put-up job to increase the billions of dollars already in the possession of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. How could they ever have believed otherwise?

Bush is an out-and-out thief, deep into the excessive profits of manipulating the world’s oil wealth. Undoubtedly, the real reason for the Iraq invasion was oil and power. Bush, former Texas governor, is steeped in oil filth. Both he and Cheney personally benefit financially from military services, weaponry and the attendant corruption. In reality, they should both be doing time for all their disgusting self aggrandizement.

Bush and Cheney both tossed aside reason and empathy and just went for all the grabbing they desired. Cheney says if one wants to be popular, be a movie star. He says he wanted to serve the people. Bullshit! The two of them had nothing in mind but to serve themselves.

I wish I believed in Heaven and Hell, so I could at least be satisfied that both those dismal bastards would burn in eternal agony. The amount of crime, death, bereavement and humiliation they foisted upon society is every bit as horrible as were the atrocities of the ancient Impaler.

Who can forget the bald-faced lies from both those criminals. Sitting in plush, comfortable offices and luxurious mansions while causing thousands of starry-eyed young people to exist in conditions unfit for descent people.

While those perpetrators of heinous deceit loll about in marble Jacuzzi tubs and sip fine wines, the young victims of their avarice wallow in filth, lacking toilets, cleanliness and comforts of any kind. At the same time, these innocent spirits, believing that they are working for the greater good are actually fuelling the ongoing vile goals of Bush, Cheney and all their partners in corruption.

I hope I’m wrong about Hell. I hope it exists as an appropriate terminal for the evil ones.

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