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How much wealth is enough?

One would think that many millions of dollars would be enough, even for self-indulgent stars.  Apparently it is not.

Imagine how much money major television stars like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston must have, and residuals just keep rolling in from endless re-runs of the television series “Friends”. 

I recently saw Courtney Cox in a television commercial for some hair product, and Jennifer Aniston in a commercial for a skin care product.  These two “friends” probably have more money together than do several small countries.  Why then are they selling their status and image to hustle products to their gullible fan base?

To be sure, Cox is gorgeous, and in the commercial her hair shows the benefits of a team of dressers that probably spent hours making the sleek, shimmering mass of protein gleam under the carefully placed lights and lens.

I find Aniston much less beautiful than Cox, but all the same, pretty enough for stardom.  Perhaps Jennifer is even more wealthy than Courtney, given that it seems she’s made several movies while Cox might not have done.  No matter.  Both are wealthy at a level that will provide them easily with several magnificent, exclusive homes, yachts, private planes, servants, and just about anything else they desire.

Why “perform” in commercials when they have more money than a hundred families would need to satisfy all their needs?

I can’t imagine.  Were it me, I would live quietly and happily in more altruistic pursuits.

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