I’d like to see the religious symbols red crescent, Star of David, Buda and whatever other silly symbols exist to identify religious groups springing up all over the place. I’m fed up with crosses and crucifixes everywhere, as if Christianity and Catholicism were all there is. I’m sure the Christian majority never has a thought about how these symbols effect people who are not followers of the Christian beliefs.

Why is it that Jesus people find it necessary to put their advertising all over the place, but other religions do not? Because it’s marketing, that’s why. During the recent hullabaloo about the Pope retiring I was reminded by television coverage of the very ornate costumes the involved perverts… er… holy men don for their appearances. It’s all marketing, folks.

The gold-laden vestments and tall hats are all just advertising. There is no other reason except to act as a theater marquee or advertising poster for the weak-willed followers. How can they keep glossing over the immoral and illegal behavior of the sick individuals in the church? What is the hold that the obvious phoney-baloney pomp and circumstance has over otherwise logical people. There is obviously no god, and the entire aim of the church is to enslave, in one way or another, the faithful followers.

How sad to see kindly old ladies and idiotic organizations pouring money into the coffers of those outright liars and thieves who pretend to be evangelists. Those assholes in their coiffed hair and white suits are absolute bandits, and obviously so, yet millions of citizens buy into the bullshit. Why?

It puzzles me that people feel good about a lying thief like George W. Bush and his disgusting sidekick Dick Cheney claiming to attend church on Sundays. They might, but I doubt it. I really wish there was a heaven and a hell, because I know that those scumbags would be definitely going to hell. They have perpetrated some of the most disgusting assaults on free people that have ever been known to civilized society.

I hope and believe that in a future, more enlightened time, religion will be outlawed, and perpetrators of the fake organizations will be severely punished for their evil deeds, as they should be now.

I have no fear of the afterlife, partly because I know there isn’t one, and partly because even if there is one, I have lived an honest, honorable, generous life, and would be invited through the pearly gates even though I’m an Atheist. At the same time, I’ve known dozens of people of various religions who would surely go to hell. They are liars, thieves, greed-driven phonies and worse. They take the spirit of innocent idiots and taint them with bullshit.

I’ve had the misfortune to be involved in business with three different cults of Hasidim.  Each one, in silly hats and black garb, has proven to be a thief, liar, and welsher on agreed fees.  I sought an explanation from an orthodox but not hassidic Jew, and this was his answer: They consider their life in society to be one compartment, and their life in religion to be between themselves and God.  Hence their multiple prayers each day are what matters, while their damage to people is meaningless.  I know of people who have been forced into bankruptcy and others who have had to drop out of university because their incomes have been stolen by these thieving, lying, unholy men and women of God.

There was a time when I was helping a friend feed pigs in a pig barn while the pig farmer was vacationing.  Not only was I appalled by the squalid condition of those comparatively intelligent animals, too horrible to retell here, but I was doubly disgusted by the crucifixes that hung on the walls over these tragically suffering animals. I hope the farmer family burns in Hell, even though they do sing beautifully in the church choir.


I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.

Thomas Jefferson


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