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From Childhood to Child-like.

I just realized that the only time I haven’t wasted my life working for a living was in childhood. As soon as you hit school age, you start working.  You have to work at learning, work at socializing, work at being without Mom and Dad.

Then you have to work at higher learning, and higher learning, probably working to earn money at the same time, to pay for the additional learning.  Learning what?  Why, to earn a living. And when you have your document that certifies that you’ve learned, you get a job working at what you’ve learned so you can earn a living.  That goes on for several decades. 

Retirement doesn’t mean work stops, it just gets more pleasant.  Mowing, fence-mending, car-washing, blog writing. I guess I’ll stop all work in the next ten years or so, and become child like.  Less eloquent, less steady on my feet, less competent at most everything, and celibate. Cherish your childhood memories… they are the only time in your life when you’re free, and other people are carrying your load for you.

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