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Almost all of us imagine what it would have been like if we’d been born to a wealthy couple. From the outside, it seems like there is no down side to life in a wealthy family, but I’m sure there is. One so often learns of sons and daughters in wealthy families struggling with serious problems of some kind, it seems to go with the socioeconomic situation. It’s not inevitable, of course, but it seems to happen more frequently than among our average, middle-class families.

 Imagine life had you been born into a mid-level wealthy family. Not the super-rich that own hotel chains or auto corporations, just the families that own a few factories, a small chain of retail outlets or a couple of shopping centres. You’re in high school, and you’re being pressed to choose a direction for your education. Should you be a business major? Should you be a corporate lawyer? Should you train for a career in publishing? The pressure probably mounts as graduation into higher education draws near.

 It can be seen as an admirable situation in which to find one’s self. The world is your oyster, and you have a multitude of alternatives. Your choice? Let’s say you want to be a comedian: Outrageous! You long to be a forest ranger: Oh, please! You want to build homes with walls of old bottles: You’re sick! You want to be an artist: You’ll starve!

 One is likely to have a less negative response in an average or working-class family. It’s almost as if there’s really nothing to lose, so why not go for your desired destiny? It doesn’t really matter what one does to get through life, because in the end, it’s finally through. The individual liberty and open possibilities that an average family affords is not always there for the “better off” young people.

 There are some expectations of young men and women from families of wealth and power that are not suffered by the rest of us. They must have the burden of letting down the family, or the family reputation. Perhaps one simply does not have the smarts to manage the 43 stores, and no amount of education us going to make her smarter. Perhaps the young man is determined to be a race car driver or a blues guitarist… the family would probably be the strongest barrier.

 We each get just one life, and we should have the right to live it as we choose, rich or poor. The most difficult step is to make sure that what one thinks one wants is also what one really wants. It’s a shame to spend our one-and-only life following an erroneous path.

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