My shameful indifference to the commercials from Christian Children’s Fund, the Leprosy Foundation, etc. stems from my ignorance.

(1) Having my entertainment interrupted by the tragic, depressing images of the destitute that are thrust into my relaxing time is irritating. I know, I know… they are in desperate straits – to be honest, that does nothing to stop the message from being depressing. Of course I’d like to solve all their problems with one amazing resource – if I had one.

(2) I don’t believe them – the commercials and the organizations they represent. I see those commercials so %&3#@! often, I have had plenty of time to peruse them carefully. I made about a hundred commercials during my decades as a Pufferatier, puffing up clients’ claims and images. I might see things in those commercials that a non-professional might not see. Oh, I don’t mean that these are out and out thieves. Of course not. I’m sure they do much good for the tragically needy – at what cost? If I was able to send them ten million dollars (there are people who could, and perhaps should) how much of it would get into little swollen tummies and disease infected limbs? I couldn’t guess. It should be about $9 million but I’ll bet administrative costs eat up plenty of it in salaries, travel, research, entertainment, etc.

(3) This is the most ignorant part of my rant: Why do they even need our help? We have scratched a comparatively successful society out of what one would think is a much less hospitable environment. Half a year of fierce cold and snow, some places have rocky land that can’t be cultivated, I could mention a dozen negative characteristics about our land. I can’t help but wonder why they haven’t outstripped us in most everything. They have as much space as we have. They don’t have the punishing climate, they have meat on the hoof in the billions, diamonds and gold in the ground, and a climate that should invite a vast variety of crops. So you see, I admit to my ignorance, ’cause the situation makes no sense to me. Why do they need our meagre resources when they have much of their own?

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