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A Life Ruined By Lies Is Ruined For Life.

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

A 43-year-old female school teacher is accused of sexual molestation of a young male student.  The student had occasionally acted as baby-sitter for the child the teacher and her husband had together.  She and her husband enjoyed a good life, each with her and his chosen career.

Three years of angst and expense resulted from the accusations.  The teacher’s husband left her.  She was forced to leave her beloved position.  Finally, the case got to court, before a judge only.

The judge ruled that the student’s story was inconsistent and not convincing.  Perhaps the boy had desires for the teacher who rejected or ignored his personal desires.  Perhaps it was a prank.  Perhaps it could have been true, but the judge adjudicated that it did not happen, and the teacher is totally innocent of the charge.

What is she to do now?  Husband gone, a single mother with no job, even though she’s innocent – not guilty of any charges.  Life in ruins.  Which way can she turn?  What does the young man owe her, now that she’s been judged to have no fault or blame in his accusations?

How would you put your life back together, after everything for which you’ve learned, earned, worked for, and striven for, had been blown away?

Imagine the darkness that poor woman must face… and she didn’t even gain the pleasure of the sexual encounters with the young man.  I wish I could help her.  There is little that is more demoralizing and destructive than unjust accusations.