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 Remembering back to my days at Highbourne High School, there were some pretty good social lessons one could learn, if one made note of various details of the “romantic” behaviour among the young men and young women. The school was in a quite upscale neighbourhood, and almost every kid came from a wealthy home.

 I remember noting that the cars in the parking area for students were far more expensive than the cars in the staff parking area. The students’ cars were new convertibles like Oldsmobiles, Corvettes, Jaguars, Triumphs, etc., while in the staff lot the cars were Volkswagon bugs, AMC Ramblers, Gremlins, Isuzus. The students’ cars were usually of the current year or perhaps one year old. The staff cars were old, some rusted basic models.

 Two of the slickest cars belonged to two of the best looking guys in school. They were not macho, they were not football stars or any kind of athletes at all. Both were into girls. Both were dedicated to dating the most appealing girls in school. Of course, the girls came from wealthy homes as well, so they usually had their own sports cars, fine wardrobes, and all that sort of thing.

 Jason Stein drove a new, shiny black Chevrolet Corvette, and David Farber drove a red Jaguar XKE. As if it wasn’t enough that they were both ridiculously good looking, but they also each drove the sexiest babe-magnet cars on the road. Neither had any trouble getting dates, even mid-week, even last minute. Over time, however, Farber’s success with the chicks gradually diminished, while Stein’s apparent desirability grew steadily among the social princesses. Even young women who did not attend Highbourne, and were several years older than high school boys, were available to Jason Stein.

 To find out why, I tried to interview some of the girls who dated Stein, or Farber, or both.

 Without exception, the girls who had dated David Farber only, or as well as Jason Stein, said that time spent with Farber was like work. Sort of an unpleasant job. He had almost nothing to say, and when he did talk, it was boring and pedestrian. No matter how gorgeous he was, with his curly golden hair, dark eyes, and red Jag roadster, an evening with David was a drag, and a weekend almost unbearable, even at his family’s sumptuous lakeside summer home. They never accepted second dates with him.

 Jason Stein, on the other hand, was very popular and sought after by the most desirable girls and women. On one occasion, the glamourous mother of one of the girls he dated seduced him while her husband was away on business. The secret apparently was that Jason was interesting. He spoke well, looked into the eyes of his female companions while he talked, and had interesting things to say on many worthy subjects. Universally, they claimed they would pursue him even if he wasn’t rich and handsome. Time spent in his company was good time.

 I wanted to learn why one gorgeous hunk was boring and the other was interesting, so I asked Jason Stein how it came to pass that women enjoyed his company. He had thought it out, and he concluded that it was because he had been painfully shy when he was younger, and believed he was unattractive. Although under the impression that he was unattractive, he desired women, so he developed a personality that would compensate for his plain appearance.

 Later in his life, when he was usually in the company of the ladies we now know as “cougars”, they were not shy like young girls are, and they told him outright that he was gorgeous, and had a terrific ass. That was the first he knew of these lures. Combined with his personality and wealth, he was sought after all his life.

 I conclude that the kind of man one is can be much more important than how one is packaged, personally or with luxurious accoutrements.

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