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Don’t Dare be Different!

Of all the many flaws and failings in contemporary society, one of the worst is the inability of the “average” person to accept with equal respect, a person who is not average.  This is commonplace in business, especially in the advertising profession.

The backbone of an ad agency is its creative prowess.  All agencies are basically the same, but some have stronger, more innovative people in their creative departments.  Creative people, by their nature, are often “different”.  Longer hair perhaps, or ornately trimmed facial hair, clothing unlike that of their co-workers, but still, responsible professionals.

It’s a strange mix… the sort of hippie/beatnik creative men and women, working together in unity with account executives wearing the obligatory contemporary suits, dresses, hair styles, school ties, etc.  These “suits” as these executives are often called, cooperate with the eccentrics who conceive, write, design, and execute the ads and commercials.  They depend upon the “different” members of their teams because they need the ideas and creativity of the nutty ones… but they wouldn’t want one to marry their sister.

Speaking of marrying, it is all too true that some female ad people have affairs with, and sometimes marry, the executives who can do the most for their careers.  I suppose that in some cases the affections are sincere… and in some, they are not.  One thing is for sure… lying is standard procedure in advertising.  Suppliers lie about schedules, clients lie about budgets, creative directors either steal staff ideas, or blame them on staff members.

If you are different, be strong.  In all probability, you are not only different, you are better.  For this, you will suffer.

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