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Those G*dd*mn Television Commercials!

There is even more to complain about with television commercials these days.  They’ve never been a good thing for one’s relaxation at the end of a busy day, but now they are outright crappy and irritating.

First of all, they turn up the volume when commercials come on.  Just in case they weren’t irritating enough at normal level. The advertiser/broadcasters don’t have the spirit to consider the comfort and emotions of their audience.  We hate you, idiots, for being so pushy.

How about those “nice skin” commercials… more than a minute long, irritating, ugly visuals, and all directed at the nation’s young people – a creepy group to begin with.  Hair colour commercials, dozens of them, all making the same bogus promises.  Weight-loss programs, spewing baloney a mile a minute.

One wonders why so many wealthy performers lend their names and images to commercials.  Are they a bottomless pit of financial hunger?

Worst of all, because I hate to attack them, but those Christian Childrens Charity commercials are sickening.  We’re supposed to sit back and enjoy some television, drama, comedy, reality, news, whatever.  How are we supposed to feel comfortable, interrupted to look at video of starving black children in tattered clothes digging in garbage?  Or those Leprosy commercials, with collapsed faces and rotting bodies.  I know, it’s selfish and heartless to criticize these fund-raising efforts, but the images ARE disgusting.

Furthermore, I don’t believe them.  I believe the kids in the videos are “set up” for effect. And what if the kids in question are not “Christian”?  If they are Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or Jewish, I guess we just leave them to die.

Instead of showing us the sickening videos of human suffering, why don’t they show us the certified earnings of the charities, and vetted numbers showing how much of each dollar goes to the needy ones, how much to the TV commercial creation, production, and media costs, and how much to the administrative executives at the “charities”.

Finally, why do those suffering Africans need our help?  We face winters, we face droughts, we face winds and market fluctuations, and we thrive, endlessly toiling to make good lives for ourselves.  Not for distant tribes, but for ourselves.  They have no winter, they have vast areas of fertile earth, they have huge livestock potentials of all kinds.  Why don’t they do for themselves and leave us to do for our selves?  I know they’re poor and unfortunate, but I don’t understand why.

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