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Government Ignorance by the Kilo

   The governments of North America continue to waste tax dollars in vast quantities in a vain effort to stem the continued proliferation of marijuana and related products.

Hard drugs, like heroin and crack are not, in any way, related to marijuana.  It is, in fact, a very beneficial, naturally occurring wild plant that has played a role in societies down through the millenniums. Only now, in this befuddled era, does a government waste it’s resources on this futile effort.

I know it’s been written a million times, and here’s my bit: stop the waste, legalize the plant, license the products, tax them, and do a lot of good with the money saved by ceasing the ridiculous battle and the millions earned via the honest taxes paid by the growers, processors, and users.  Smarten up, government idiots.

Sometimes I believe that it is the criminal element that works to keep grass illegal, just as the mob did in the days of prohibition.  Criminals reaped fortunes from the illegal trade in booze, just as they are doing now through the production and sale of marijuana.  So stupid of the government to pursue it’s idiotic, unachievable goals.

I’m 74 years old now, and quit smoking grass years ago, just because I got tired of it.  All the same, for about 40 years I smoked grass all day every day.  During those decades, I built a successful career, started several businesses, employed dozens of people and paid fortunes in taxes.  People I knew who preferred to use alcohol to relax are now mostly ill, or dead, and were engaged in many destructive activities stemming from their addiction to booze.  Every smoker I knew over the years has enjoyed a calm, productive, satisfying life.

I don’t advocate the use of marijuana, but I am certain it should be legal.  I do advocate the abolition of tobacco and alcohol. Look at the statistics and it becomes obvious that the authorities have it bass ackwards again.

Legalize, license, and tax marijuana, starting now!

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