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Too Many Americans Have Guns

It is enormously regrettable that guns proliferate throughout the United States of America.  Their “framers” stated that there is a right to bear arms… but that was in the 18th century!  It is unfathomable that millions upon millions of American Citizens covet their firearms so vehemently.  It is confusing that they continue to insist that it is their right, according to the constitution.  Well, times have changed, and it’s time the constitution was changed to conform to contemporary society.

The right to bear arms was meant to permit civilian protective groups to own firearms against aggressive aboriginals, Grizzly bears, badgers, rattlesnakes, and other varied dangers in the USA of the eighteenth century.  The eighteenth century was fraught with these dangers, and the populace was well-advised to arm themselves in defense.

Today, the populace is armed to the teeth, against… each other.  The old film, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, was adapted from a classic Ninja tale of old. It featured a small group of gunslingers hired to protect a poor village full of simple, peaceful farmers.  Now, the entire USA has become ‘The Miserable Millions’ of people prepared to kill each other… which they do, all too often. Vigilantism running wild.

The Anglo-American Convention of 1818 and the Oregon Treaty of 1846 designated the 49th parallel as most of the dividing line between The United States of America and the Dominion of Canada.  From up here, north of the 49th parallel in this peaceful nation, populated by courteous, rarely armed citizens, I ask you – PLEASE keep your beloved firearms on your side of the line.  They are not welcome here… they are regarded as the pariah that they are in reality.

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