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An Afterlife Might Provide a Chance for Revenge.

Five of us were sitting around on Norm’s deck on a warm, sunny September afternoon.  The air was fragrant with the delicious scent of the bratwurst that Norm had sizzling on the barbecue while we talked.  There had formerly been six of us at these gatherings after our softball games, but a week ago our friend Ezra had died in a boating accident.  On this occasion there had been no ball game but we got together in memory of Ezra.

The conversation quite naturally moved to thoughts on afterlife.  Irving reassured us, as he had for many years, that he was an atheist, confident that there was nothingness after death.  Gord said that he hoped there is an afterlife because he wanted to get even with several people.  I asked if he meant to return as a ghost and haunt people.  He said that wasn’t it.  He wanted to get even with people who were also dead.  I pointed out that if all are dead, including himself,  he couldn’t exact vengeance on them.

Gord declared that it’s just a fantasy anyway, so he can have it as he wants.  He imagined a broad, open plain with waving grasses and a narrow, well-worn path toward a cluster of mature trees on the horizon.  As he walked along the path amid fragrances from the surrounding flora he would occasionally encounter a dead person whom he liked, and he would be pleased to have the opportunity to express his admiration and affection.

He listed one of his early high school girlfriends as one he’d be happy to see again.  She had married a successful musician after graduation.  Unfortunately he had overdosed on some drugs and alcohol one night after a performance and murdered her.  He hoped that her husband would be killed in by another inmate in prison so he could vent his spleen on the guy in the afterlife.

He would be able to visit with Grace Kelly, Dale Earnhardt, Cary Grant, Jonas Salk, Roberta Bondar, Frank Sinatra, Audry and Katherine Hepburn and so many more.  But his real priority was to see the spirits of the people he hated.

In his fantasy, Gord would pass through the clumps of trees on the path.  In these forested areas, the atmosphere was cold and damp, and the people he didn’t like would be trapped there, unable to enjoy the warm, sunny fragrance in the open plain.  Gord would be able to throw excrement at Hitler, he’d be able to laugh at Rich Ford, Rich having given each of us reasons to dislike him.  He was a liar and con man and had caused each of us some bad times.

To our surprise, Gord’s main ambition was to tell his father what he really thought of him.  Mister Gerofsky had been a captain of  industry, a wealthy, powerful, self-made millionaire in businesses as varied as plumbing supplies and haut couture fashion manufacturing.  He had bought Gord anything and everything, cars, boats, travel, and a house.  But Gord said that he never had one minute of affection from his father, as if the gifts eliminated any obligations to be warm or kind.  He’d never had a personal conversation with his father, never been hugged or even touched by him, and in spite of many outstanding achievements, Gord’s father offered only criticism and dissatisfaction with him.

I realized that I, too, would like the opportunity for revenge in an afterlife.  Who wouldn’t?

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