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Confessions of a Transition Man – Part 4

Kevin Knight was surfing the Internet one day, rather idly, looking up ladies from cultures unlike his own, seeking new cultural experiences. He came up with Vivara, a Brazilian beauty who was unhappily married to a Scottish diplomat.

Her english was very good, probably because of her time in Scotland before her husband was assigned to Israel.  She told Kevin that she had eagerly married Maxwell partly to escape her overbearing parents who forbade her participating in almost every activity she enjoyed.  When Max was assigned to Rio, he met Vivara at a diplomatic event and was smitten at once, as were many men upon meeting the vivacious young woman.

Kevin and Vivara corresponded on line for several months, and one day Vivara  informed him that she was traveling to Canada without her husband – to meet him.  This made Kevin Knight a little nervous because it was sudden, unexpected, and really uncalled for.

They met in the Ritz Hotel garden in Montreal.   Ducks were drifting around on the pond beside their table as they had lunch.  When they came face to face, Kevin Knight realized that Vivara was not a totally honest person.  The photos she had sent by e-mail were of a lovely young woman in her twenties.  Seated across the table from Kevin, he guessed she was more than twice the age as when that photo was taken, although still very attractive.

They enjoyed some champagne and strawberries in her room before they made love.  Afterward, in the shower Vivara said her husband had never made love to her like that, with such a complete absence of inhibition.  She thanked Kevin for reminding her what life could and should be like, and after they had enjoyed a few days together Vivara left Canada.

About a week later, Kevin received an e-mail from Vivara.  She thanked him for the wonderful visit and for liberating her to pursue her passions rather than continuing to stifle herself in the diplomatic service.  She had apparently been in love with a dashing Cuban businessman that she had met in Bosnia some years before.  The Cuban was also infatuated with Vivara, but she would not become intimate with him because of her insecurity about her sexual inhibitions.

After her days and nights with Kevin, she said she was liberated and confident as never before.  She had flown to her Cuban loves arms where she was welcomed with warmth and love, and was very happy.

Kevin told me he’d been happy to help her make the transition, as he always was.

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