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Better to be Poor and Happy than Wealthy and Miserable.

One would think that being a tall, willowy, self-made millionairess would lead to a happy, successful life. Not so for one Ms. Kinga Legg, who successfully took over her family’s humble tomato business and evolved it into a mega-corporation.

She had been living with a 39 year old British business entrepreneur in a four million pound home that she rented in Surrey when she decided to move to Paris to expand her business. She had applied for French residency, which upset Mr. Griffin, to whom she had recently become engaged.

Griffin objected to the move because he feared that a previous bankruptcy would put him at a great disadvantage outside of the United Kingdom.

Ms. Legg and Mr. Griffin were ensconced in a superb Paris hotel in a thousand pound per night suite. One would think such an environment and such elegant surroundings would enable the engaged couple to enjoy the City of Light to the limit, money being no problem.

Rather than make love amid the satin pillows and make love talk in a huge tub with gold fittings, Mr. Griffin killed the glamourous Ms. Legg and took off out of town in a black Porche.  He had beaten her to death with pieces of luxurious furniture.

After a hotel maid found the long, lean, but no longer beautiful body of the mega-wealthy Ms. Legg, the police went in search of the missing perpetrator. Their investigation led them to the knowledge that Mr. Griffin had succeeded in escaping to England through the Channel Tunnel, which links France with England beneath the channel waters.

Witnesses claim to have seen Mr. Griffin at a marina in Surrey. It was known that Ms. Legg kept a super-fast offshore speed boat there. Griffin acquired charts there which showed the safe surface routes clear of rocks and shallows in surrounding waters.

Mr. Griffin was born and raised in Warrington, Cheshire, and that’s where his Porsche was later found.

It was feared that Mr. Griffin might take his own life, as it was known that he suffered from depression and was addicted to prescription drugs. The police were able to arrest him before he could do himself harm.

It proves that money means nothing if you don’t have your life on even keel, are not comfortable with yourself as you are, and don’t have at least one friend upon whom you can rely.

Poor, rich Kinga Legg died before her time. Mr. Griffin, with unrealistic ambitions, will spend most of his life in a cage.

How much better it would have been if there had been sincere love between them, instead of a lust for wealth and power. Both individuals have come to nothing in this world, and both families must suffer their losses. Better to be poor and happy than wealthy and miserable.

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