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Conrad Murray is Only a Doctor for Money.

In the trial of Doctor Conrad Murray for over the death of self-declared king of pop Michael Jackson, nobody is mentioning one key fact that everyone should be thinking; MJ sought out Dr. Murray because he knew that the doctor would give him any and all drugs he wanted.  There are many severe drugs that Jackson has used.

Listening to the testimony, it seems obvious that the doctor is more mover and shaker than healer.  He is going to go down hard, and he deserves to.  It’s true that Michael Jackson was a mess, and it’s also true that a good and strong and honest doctor on the scene could have prevented the entire episode.

Watching Dr. Murray’s face during testimony by expert witnesses, it looks like he’s not only been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but the proper doctors are testifying to protocols that are news to him.

Doctor Conrad Murray had asked Jackson for $5 million per year, and accepted $15,000 per month ($180,000 per year).  This leads one to believe that the doctor’s two practices and important activities are just more baloney.  I don’t know how this clown got his medical degrees, but he’s just another hustler in a white collar.

I feel sorry for Michael Jackson.  Not because he’s dead, but because of the way he lived.  A superficial life based on fantasy created by a kid with no education on how to manage a real life.  Put millions of dollars into the hands of an ignorant kid and disaster is the inevitable outcome. Neverland, perversions, ridiculous cosmetic surgery and fake marriages mark the trail to this inevitable disaster.

It’s not over yet.  More incompetence by the doctor and by the deceased patient are in evidence every day.

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