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It’s Not Prejudice If You Have Reasons

Imagine an attractive black woman in University at the age of twenty.  She meets a handsome classmate who is white and Jewish.  They date for a few months until one day she sees him together with another girl, clearly demonstrating affection for her.  She is heartbroken and humiliated when she confronts the boy, all the more when he coldly rejects her in front of the other girl.

Later, when working in a law office toward her bar exam, a charming co-worker catches her eye.  They begin to have lunches together, and after a few weeks he asks her to attend a concert with him.  They enjoy each others’ company, and eventually they take a week vacation together on his sailboat.  The young woman develops deep feelings for her co-worker until she learns that he has become engaged to another woman.  She is devastated and once again, heartbroken.

The young woman avoids social interactions for several months.  One day she is approached by a neighbor in her apartment building when she is having difficulty carrying her shopping from her car in the underground garage to her apartment.  He volunteers to help and she gratefully accepts.  She invites him in for coffee, and while they chat, she learns that his family name sounds Jewish.  He reveals that he is Jewish.

Although the man is attractive, and makes several attempts to date her, the black woman rejects the thought of spending time with him because he is Jewish.

I don’t think she would be prejudiced in that case.  She has reasons.  Once burned, twice shy.  She’d been hurt twice, each time by Jewish men, and she decides to avoid the risk of the same happening again.

Looking at the dictionary meanings of the words “prejudice” and “reason”, perhaps the woman is not prejudiced against Jewish men, perhaps she has good reason to feel negatively toward them in general.



1.an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
1 :  an underlying ground, justification, purpose, motive, or inducement reason s  for the termination in writing>
2 a :  the faculty of comprehending, inferring, or distinguishing esp. in a fair and orderly way
2 b :  the proper and sane exercise of the mind
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