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Atheists Will Be Accepted Into Paradise

If there is a Paradise… or a Heaven as it is also called, some people pray to gain access to it.  Some people believe that God will be gratified when they pray every week, or every day, or every few hours.  Some other people believe it’s a waste because, they believe, there is no God.

There is a dichotomy in the belief in God and prayer.  I’ve had personal experience with several varied groups of God-fearing people, devoted to their beliefs and practicing their religions’ rituals.  In every case in my personal experience, these people lie, steal, and cheat when they are not praying.  There seems to be a disconnect between being righteous, honest, and generous in one’s daily life and one’s religious rituals.

I believe these people who work hard at their relationship with their God, and work against the surrounding society at the same time, are far from being admitted to Paradise or Heaven.  If there is a God, he will judge a person’s life not by the fervent regularity of prayers, rather by the actual good that the person does in daily life.  Therefore, I believe that an atheist can be accepted into Paradise if that non-believer lives a good, wholesome life of honesty and generosity toward the surrounding society.

Too many believers engage in frequent, regular prayer while simultaneously being greedy, dishonest, and underhanded.  Some atheists, on the other hand, live their lives without any connection to a mythical god or man-made religion.  These people, free from any burden of fear of God and commanded rituals, are good just because it is right and preferable to be good, and it is wrong and objectionable to be bad.

If there is a God and a Heaven or Paradise, I would love to be there at the entrance when some of the most fervent “believers” I’ve experienced come to seek entrance.  I believe they will be rejected and sent to another destination.  Perverts, pretenders, greed-mongers, and fakers will be shocked at their rejection, even as they see honest, generous, thoughtful Atheists gaining admission and respect.  Sweet.

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