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Old Age is a Pain

I remember my old dowager aunt always kvetching about aches and pains.  I felt little sympathy for her, and I regret that.  I’m 74 years old this year, and I can tell you that, even though I’m in remarkably good shape according to my doctor, being old hurts.

I ride a motorcycle, enjoy the pool, and am generally like most 50-year-olds.  All the same, I always remember what the pool man told me.  He said his father told him that when he wakes up in the morning he feels great… then he gets out of bed.

That’s completely accurate.  It seems the dormant position of one’s body overnight causes joints and bones to temporarily atrophy.  The first hour of the day can be very painful in the lower back, the calves of the legs, and the hip joints in my case.  Others might have the pain attack other places.

Truth be told, an hour after being up and around the house, the pain subsides considerably.

Think twice when you wish a long life to people you care about.  The part of life that nears the final curtain hurts like hell some days.  When the temperature changes from day to day, the pains signal the changes.  If it goes from dry to rainy or the other way around, discomfort announces it.

Don’t get me wrong.  Old age is cool.  Retired, no demanding clients, no tardy suppliers, no whining employees, no stinking employers, no staff expense accounts… it’s just that old age hurts, physically.

I feel very sorry for the older folks who don’t enjoy good health.  I pity older folks who don’t at least partly keep abreast of technology.  I’m just a self-taught computer guy, but I love exploring the universe and communicating around the world on the Internet, I love doing art on Photoshop, and I love writing stuff like this in places like this.  For outdoor stuff, I just got my motorcycle license last year, at 73, I exercise the dog and myself by riding a tricycle.  Back pain prevents me walking very far, which is a shame because brisk walking was a favorite activity for me.  The trike is a good substitute, considering the conditions.  Winter will be a workout just handling the huge snowblower.

Best wishes for a long, happy, productive life, and don’t let the pain stop you… it slows you down, but you don’t have to come to a complete stop… ’til the lights go out for good.

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  2. Michael
    October 8, 2011 at 12:21 am

    This post is really wonderful. I share your thought; “You don’t have to come to a complete stop ….. ’til the lights go out for good.” Keep blogging and have a great weekend.

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