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Guns, guns, guns! The United States of America is like the old wild west. The Second Amendment is being misused and abused to an enormous degree. When the “framers” put in that stuff about “bear arms”, they didn’t mean every whacko and homemaker in the fifty states. They meant a designated group of guards against aggression and wildlife.

Watching the many American homicide reality shows, it is frightening to see that every Tom, Dick, and Mary carries a gun. It’s madness. Time after time, innocent people, men, women, children, sometimes in their own beds in their own homes are blown away. Why is the American populace unable to see that their nation is full of gunslingers, and it’s all wrong.

Compared with the United Kingdom and Canada, where guns are properly limited, Americans are killing each other at a ridiculous rate. So often, in the “interview rooms” in the best reality cop shows, the perpetrator breaks down in tears, sobbing that he didn’t mean it, he didn’t realize, it was an accident, he was afraid for his own life, etc., etc. If there weren’t guns as plentiful as cigarettes, there would necessarily be fewer shootings. It’s a lot more difficult to elevate a problem to homicide with clubs, ligatures and knives than it is with guns. For one thing, one can be a safe distance away when they blow somebody’s life to oblivion with firearms.

Now your cursed, excessive, crime-potential guns are sliding over the border into Canada, causing that murder rate to soar. Thanks for nuthin’ U.S.A.. Please proceed with your planned fence between good, clean Canada and your melting pot – and use it to keep your gunslingers on your side. There won’t be many terrorists trying to get to your side from Canada, because they ain’t in Canada, in spite of the baloney your “authorities” slice out to the media.

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