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The Inevitable Decline in Quality of Life, Products, and Services

There has been a decline in the quality of life and the quality of products throughout recent decades because society’s focus has strayed from pride and diligence to wealth and influence.

It seems that virtually all entrepreneurs have the one, mutual goal; to acquire all the pecuniary wealth possible. That inevitably means that one must take or get as much as one can, while giving as little as possible. The inevitable outcome must be lower quality that is not worth the price.

If the goal is maximum income and minimum outgo, then robbing banks, convenience stores and liquor stores is the most direct course to follow. And it seems that most retailers come as close to outright robbery as they can, and still get away with the money. They pay employees as little as possible, they pay the least amount they can for materials, location, and equipment while they charge as much as they can get for their products and services.

Inevitably, quality will suffer. The suppliers of materials give as little as they can for two reasons: 1) like their wholesale customers, they are grasping for all the profit they can hang on to, and 2) their customers are fighting to pay as little as possible for the materials. The outcome? Consumers pay more for lower quality products and services.

In times past, there were craftspeople to whom it was more important to feel pride and confidence in their products and services, and the sums that they received for their efforts would reflect the quality of the work done and the materials used.

Our children, their children and generations beyond will suffer from the epidemic of greed that has seized society. Amazingly enough, those who prefer honour and would rather be right than win although in the wrong, are held up to ridicule by the great majority which is terribly misguided into believing wealth and influence is the best one can seek in the one and only life any of us gets. ‘Tis a pity, truly it is.

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