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Honour Killing is Murderous Madness.

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Mohammad Shafia, 58, his 41-year-old wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and their son, Hamed Mohammad Shafia, 20, stand trial for their mutual participation in a cruel, outrageous murder.

Who did they murder?  The rest of their family!  The father murdered his 3 daughters and his barren first wife  who was also their mother’s helper.  She lived in the home in a polygamous marriage with her husband, her husband’s second wife, their son and their three daughters.

Assisting in this barbarism was the girls’ brother, killing his sisters, and the girls’ mother, killing her daughters.  This disgusting act took place in Kingston Mills, Ontario, not far from Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.

Killing with a bullet in the head is at least quick and painless.  The four “honour murdered” women did not have that comparative blessing.

Kingston police constable Brent White was first on the scene of a car submerged in the historic Rideau Canal, and immediately thought that pranksters had stolen the car and dumped it in the canal as a major act of vandalism.  This was proven to be a pleasant image compared to the ugly truth that was to unfold.

Police divers were disgusted by the scene they found in the submerged car.  Eldest daughter Zainab was floating over the front seat, her back held to the ceiling by her body’s buoyancy.  Thirteen year old Geeti was clinging to the driver’s seat headrest, seventeen year old Sahar and 50 year old Rona sat belted into the back seat.

Mohammad perpetrated this slaughter for a reason that to him justified his barbaric actions.  The teenage girls wanted to date boys and have boyfriends.

On a surreptitious police wiretap during the investigation into the murders, Shafia was heard to say, “Even if they hoist me up onto the gallows, nothing is more dear to me than my honour.  Let’s leave our destiny to God, and may God never make me, you or your mother honourless…There is nothing more valuable than our honour.”

I often wonder why our Canadian young people are risking their lives and limbs in Afghanistan.  The actions of this family who came here from there make it obvious that we ought to get out of there as quickly as possible, and leave them to their culture.

Canada should require that immigrants commit to Canadian values before they are permitted to immigrate and make a life here.  That’s what my ancestors did when they immigrated from Europe more than 100 years ago.  We don’t go to Afghanistan and try to force our ways on them.  Why should we have to accept their cultural abominations here?

One final, off subject kvetch: We have mounties wearing turbans.  If you want to be true to your religion and wear a turban, find some other work than the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  If you want to join the RCMP, back off on your religious rituals and commitments and wear the proudly historic mountie hat.  That’s my take on it.





An Afterlife Might Provide a Chance for Revenge.

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Five of us were sitting around on Norm’s deck on a warm, sunny September afternoon.  The air was fragrant with the delicious scent of the bratwurst that Norm had sizzling on the barbecue while we talked.  There had formerly been six of us at these gatherings after our softball games, but a week ago our friend Ezra had died in a boating accident.  On this occasion there had been no ball game but we got together in memory of Ezra.

The conversation quite naturally moved to thoughts on afterlife.  Irving reassured us, as he had for many years, that he was an atheist, confident that there was nothingness after death.  Gord said that he hoped there is an afterlife because he wanted to get even with several people.  I asked if he meant to return as a ghost and haunt people.  He said that wasn’t it.  He wanted to get even with people who were also dead.  I pointed out that if all are dead, including himself,  he couldn’t exact vengeance on them.

Gord declared that it’s just a fantasy anyway, so he can have it as he wants.  He imagined a broad, open plain with waving grasses and a narrow, well-worn path toward a cluster of mature trees on the horizon.  As he walked along the path amid fragrances from the surrounding flora he would occasionally encounter a dead person whom he liked, and he would be pleased to have the opportunity to express his admiration and affection.

He listed one of his early high school girlfriends as one he’d be happy to see again.  She had married a successful musician after graduation.  Unfortunately he had overdosed on some drugs and alcohol one night after a performance and murdered her.  He hoped that her husband would be killed in by another inmate in prison so he could vent his spleen on the guy in the afterlife.

He would be able to visit with Grace Kelly, Dale Earnhardt, Cary Grant, Jonas Salk, Roberta Bondar, Frank Sinatra, Audry and Katherine Hepburn and so many more.  But his real priority was to see the spirits of the people he hated.

In his fantasy, Gord would pass through the clumps of trees on the path.  In these forested areas, the atmosphere was cold and damp, and the people he didn’t like would be trapped there, unable to enjoy the warm, sunny fragrance in the open plain.  Gord would be able to throw excrement at Hitler, he’d be able to laugh at Rich Ford, Rich having given each of us reasons to dislike him.  He was a liar and con man and had caused each of us some bad times.

To our surprise, Gord’s main ambition was to tell his father what he really thought of him.  Mister Gerofsky had been a captain of  industry, a wealthy, powerful, self-made millionaire in businesses as varied as plumbing supplies and haut couture fashion manufacturing.  He had bought Gord anything and everything, cars, boats, travel, and a house.  But Gord said that he never had one minute of affection from his father, as if the gifts eliminated any obligations to be warm or kind.  He’d never had a personal conversation with his father, never been hugged or even touched by him, and in spite of many outstanding achievements, Gord’s father offered only criticism and dissatisfaction with him.

I realized that I, too, would like the opportunity for revenge in an afterlife.  Who wouldn’t?

There’s Too Much Freedom in the U.S.A.

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

People who live in the U.S.A. have too much freedom to bear arms.  When their constitution was formed it was a different world.  The right to bear arms was never meant to have millions of homemakers, storekeepers, office workers and everybody else to carry concealed handguns.  I don’t see how civilized citizens can even do that.  They are so dangerous.  The fact that the U.S.A. has more shooting murders and accidental shootings than any other nation seems to make no inroads with the American psyche.

Everybody knows that the lack of proper controls and oversight have plunged America into a morass of financial problems, and dragged the rest of the world down with it.  Still, the disgusting greed-mongers operate unchanged.  The USA government lacks the balls and even the good sense to make the essential changes.

The USA doesn’t supervise anything enough.  The government is too afraid to interfere with the rampant wealth-grabbing that is a way of life in the United States of America.  They’re too afraid to legalize marijuana, in spite of huge evidence that it would be a good thing.  How stupid it is to have guns so readily available to most everyone, and to severely limit the legal use of a simple herb that has proven benefits.  The nation wastes billions fighting a futile fight, when they could save those billions, and earn billions more by taxing legal marijuana production.  Probably it’s the criminals that are making it pay for the government to keep it illegal, because once it’s legal, the criminals don’t have a lock on it any more.  Didn’t they learn anything from prohibition all those decades ago.  It boggles the mind.

Well, what can one expect from a people who allowed a pair of criminals like Bush and Cheney to run rampant over the populace, lying, stealing, causing hundreds and perhaps thousands of deaths for their own profit… FOR TWO TERMS YET!

In the USA, the criminals have the right to own firearms.  Even if they don’t have the right, with so many guns floating around, they are easy to find, steal, buy illegally and borrow.  Screw the gun fans – the law doesn’t have to let everybody have a gun just so gun fans can have them too.

If you don’t change your “holier than thou” attitude in the USA, and don’t stop thinking your people are worth more than other nationalities, and put some respect and modesty into your way of life, you will fall as did the previous powers that delved into decadence: The Romans, The Greeks, and all the others that aspired to world superiority.  It ain’t going to happen, and you’re going down for the count if you don’t smarten up.


Confessions of a Transition Man – Part 4

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Kevin Knight was surfing the Internet one day, rather idly, looking up ladies from cultures unlike his own, seeking new cultural experiences. He came up with Vivara, a Brazilian beauty who was unhappily married to a Scottish diplomat.

Her english was very good, probably because of her time in Scotland before her husband was assigned to Israel.  She told Kevin that she had eagerly married Maxwell partly to escape her overbearing parents who forbade her participating in almost every activity she enjoyed.  When Max was assigned to Rio, he met Vivara at a diplomatic event and was smitten at once, as were many men upon meeting the vivacious young woman.

Kevin and Vivara corresponded on line for several months, and one day Vivara  informed him that she was traveling to Canada without her husband – to meet him.  This made Kevin Knight a little nervous because it was sudden, unexpected, and really uncalled for.

They met in the Ritz Hotel garden in Montreal.   Ducks were drifting around on the pond beside their table as they had lunch.  When they came face to face, Kevin Knight realized that Vivara was not a totally honest person.  The photos she had sent by e-mail were of a lovely young woman in her twenties.  Seated across the table from Kevin, he guessed she was more than twice the age as when that photo was taken, although still very attractive.

They enjoyed some champagne and strawberries in her room before they made love.  Afterward, in the shower Vivara said her husband had never made love to her like that, with such a complete absence of inhibition.  She thanked Kevin for reminding her what life could and should be like, and after they had enjoyed a few days together Vivara left Canada.

About a week later, Kevin received an e-mail from Vivara.  She thanked him for the wonderful visit and for liberating her to pursue her passions rather than continuing to stifle herself in the diplomatic service.  She had apparently been in love with a dashing Cuban businessman that she had met in Bosnia some years before.  The Cuban was also infatuated with Vivara, but she would not become intimate with him because of her insecurity about her sexual inhibitions.

After her days and nights with Kevin, she said she was liberated and confident as never before.  She had flown to her Cuban loves arms where she was welcomed with warmth and love, and was very happy.

Kevin told me he’d been happy to help her make the transition, as he always was.

Better to be Poor and Happy than Wealthy and Miserable.

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

One would think that being a tall, willowy, self-made millionairess would lead to a happy, successful life. Not so for one Ms. Kinga Legg, who successfully took over her family’s humble tomato business and evolved it into a mega-corporation.

She had been living with a 39 year old British business entrepreneur in a four million pound home that she rented in Surrey when she decided to move to Paris to expand her business. She had applied for French residency, which upset Mr. Griffin, to whom she had recently become engaged.

Griffin objected to the move because he feared that a previous bankruptcy would put him at a great disadvantage outside of the United Kingdom.

Ms. Legg and Mr. Griffin were ensconced in a superb Paris hotel in a thousand pound per night suite. One would think such an environment and such elegant surroundings would enable the engaged couple to enjoy the City of Light to the limit, money being no problem.

Rather than make love amid the satin pillows and make love talk in a huge tub with gold fittings, Mr. Griffin killed the glamourous Ms. Legg and took off out of town in a black Porche.  He had beaten her to death with pieces of luxurious furniture.

After a hotel maid found the long, lean, but no longer beautiful body of the mega-wealthy Ms. Legg, the police went in search of the missing perpetrator. Their investigation led them to the knowledge that Mr. Griffin had succeeded in escaping to England through the Channel Tunnel, which links France with England beneath the channel waters.

Witnesses claim to have seen Mr. Griffin at a marina in Surrey. It was known that Ms. Legg kept a super-fast offshore speed boat there. Griffin acquired charts there which showed the safe surface routes clear of rocks and shallows in surrounding waters.

Mr. Griffin was born and raised in Warrington, Cheshire, and that’s where his Porsche was later found.

It was feared that Mr. Griffin might take his own life, as it was known that he suffered from depression and was addicted to prescription drugs. The police were able to arrest him before he could do himself harm.

It proves that money means nothing if you don’t have your life on even keel, are not comfortable with yourself as you are, and don’t have at least one friend upon whom you can rely.

Poor, rich Kinga Legg died before her time. Mr. Griffin, with unrealistic ambitions, will spend most of his life in a cage.

How much better it would have been if there had been sincere love between them, instead of a lust for wealth and power. Both individuals have come to nothing in this world, and both families must suffer their losses. Better to be poor and happy than wealthy and miserable.

Conrad Murray is Only a Doctor for Money.

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

In the trial of Doctor Conrad Murray for over the death of self-declared king of pop Michael Jackson, nobody is mentioning one key fact that everyone should be thinking; MJ sought out Dr. Murray because he knew that the doctor would give him any and all drugs he wanted.  There are many severe drugs that Jackson has used.

Listening to the testimony, it seems obvious that the doctor is more mover and shaker than healer.  He is going to go down hard, and he deserves to.  It’s true that Michael Jackson was a mess, and it’s also true that a good and strong and honest doctor on the scene could have prevented the entire episode.

Watching Dr. Murray’s face during testimony by expert witnesses, it looks like he’s not only been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but the proper doctors are testifying to protocols that are news to him.

Doctor Conrad Murray had asked Jackson for $5 million per year, and accepted $15,000 per month ($180,000 per year).  This leads one to believe that the doctor’s two practices and important activities are just more baloney.  I don’t know how this clown got his medical degrees, but he’s just another hustler in a white collar.

I feel sorry for Michael Jackson.  Not because he’s dead, but because of the way he lived.  A superficial life based on fantasy created by a kid with no education on how to manage a real life.  Put millions of dollars into the hands of an ignorant kid and disaster is the inevitable outcome. Neverland, perversions, ridiculous cosmetic surgery and fake marriages mark the trail to this inevitable disaster.

It’s not over yet.  More incompetence by the doctor and by the deceased patient are in evidence every day.

Social Evolution as Women Grow Taller Than Men.

October 12, 2011 3 comments

One sees it everywhere.  Tall, elegant women, long legged and athletic in the company of attractive men who are their significant other.  It has been an increasingly visible change on the streets everywhere.  Men appear to be about the same average height that they have been for many decades while women have been growing taller with each generation.

Perhaps nature intends to evolve in a way that will see the female of the species become the breadwinner or defender of the family home.  If one observes the social life of other mammals, and even other societies of humanity, the female is often the head of the familial group.  North American society seems to be going the same way.

More and more women are accomplishing high success.  They head governments, they head giant corporations – some of which they founded.  They enjoy great liberation in most sectors of society, and one wonders why some women continue to subjugate themselves to men.  Even abusive men in some cases.  The sky is the limit in most areas, if a woman has the psyche to go for it.

So often, a woman who has been suddenly widowed or divorced simply falls apart, unable to carry on alone.  One wonders if they had kept the home in order and shopped properly and made meals only because they feared their mate, or feared they’d lose their mate.  There are other reasons why abandoned women cease to live properly, and lack of supervision must be part of it.

Of course, the same kind of aimless drifting and moral decline sometimes happens to men, but this article is about the growth of women, in physical stature, as well as societal leadership.

An era when women are taller, steadier, more capable and more accomplished than men, even in the traditionally male pursuits, seems to be upon us.  Speaking as a man, I welcome it.  I find that strong, intelligent, accomplished women are by far the most attractive.

It has often been said that the most attractive organ in a woman’s body is her brain.  I have found this to be true.

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