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The Reasons for African Famines

We see it all the time, in all media.  Hoards of starving Africans in one country or another.  I admit that I am unable to understand how this comes to be.  In contrast, the country of my birth and life is frozen solid four months of each year, and one-and-a-half months declining into winter and the same again recovering from the long freeze-over.  That leaves just five months per year for planting, protecting, nurturing, and harvesting a vast amount of succulent, healthy foods, from wheat and other grains to fresh fruits and vegetables of every kind, as well as poultry, seafood, beef, lamb, pork and more.  This leaves me puzzled about the famines in Africa.

The farmers and food processors in my country, with its adverse climate conditions, are able to produce vast amounts of fine, high-grade, healthy and delicious foods of all kinds.  Why are the farmers and ranchers in Africa unable to produce the food products so desperately needed on that continent?  Why are we called upon so often to supplement with food and money the unfortunate masses on a continent that appears to have vast amounts of terrain, fertility, meat-on-the-hoof, good weather and many waterways?  It haunts me to see the piteous please for help, featuring spindly-legged children, flat-breasted mothers, and squalid families crouching on dirt.  How do they get that way?

I live in hopes that some day, some evolution will occur that will cause African people to successfully cultivate fields, ranch livestock, and process foods in large amounts of healthy produce, grains, meats, poultry and fish.  I don’t understand why they’re not doing all the time, and have not done well for centuries.  There are countries like mine that stand ready to provide seeds, equipment, education, and opportunities for the African Continent to become self-sustaining for all its people.  I can’t imagine what is causing the failure to improve.  I can’t imagine why the African people continue to face their dire circumstances, and never seem to find the way to prosperity.


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