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Cheney is a big, powerful, ugly Dick.

He made war to make profit. He manipulated a spoiled brat president who should never have been. And somehow, the American people let the two of them get away with murder. Why?

I believe that the American education system hammers it into students that to be American is special, superior to the citizens of any other land. Part of their teaching, I can only assume, is that when you elect a president, he is a faultless, moral person to be followed and believed no matter what.

The result, as I see it, is that the American citizen has been pillaged and robbed, humiliated and deprived, all through the power of the big, ugly Dick Cheney. He jerked the little president putz around like a child, and chided him into revoking basic rights while raking in billions of taxpayers money.

They got away with it. Why, Americans, why? Cheney delivered so much ill gotten gains to Haliburton that they must all be swimming around in liquid gold in their platinum swimming pools now. No justice pursues them, no arm of the law, apparently, can reach them. So they got away with the killing of hundreds of young Americans, the raking in of billions in stolen wealth, and then have the nerve to write books about their wonderfulness. They’re both trash, and the only one that’s trashier than Bush is Cheney.

So Cheney publishes a book with a slightly erroneous title. In honesty, he would have titled his ghost-written tome, “In My Crime”.

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