Wildlife Tragedies

July 8, 2019 1 comment

When a woman has the misfortune to have a child that is born with a defect, society and the medical profession exhaust every possible way to correct the defect. If all the best efforts fail to make the correction, equipment and medicines are called in to mitigate the condition. Prostheses. crutches, wheelchairs etc. help one to live and progress in life.

One can only wonder how many raccoons, rabbits, deer and foxes are born with defects. They lack the socialism that our species has developed to care for the disadvantaged. The afflicted individual becomes just food, either for other animals or eventually, insects.

As someone said recently, “If you had no socialism and you wanted to drive somewhere, you’ll have to take your own road.” All of the public benefits: roads, water systems, electric power, police and emergency services and more are a result of the socialist part of our society. Citizens of the USA should shut up about Bernie Sanders being a Social Democrat. Two more things that Bernie would bring to your democracy would bring you up nearer our Canadian benefits; Medicaid for all, and tuition-free university education.

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I’m Finally Dead

April 29, 2019 Leave a comment

I died a few years ago at the age of 96. One of the best things about being dead is that you’re not at the age of your death. Instead, on the other side, you’re the age when you were at your best in life. For me it was 29. In my 29th year I was lean, strong, and smart. Great attributes to have because of another wonderful thing about the other side: billions of other people from throughout history are also here.

Some of the other people here are people I always wished I could reach. For instance, there was that little Nazi weasel, Himmler. I found him here. I used to get frustrated watching captured documentaries from World War II. He was an ugly little squirt with glasses and fancy uniform, strutting around with deadly authority.

I decided to see what I could get away with here. I walked up to Himmler. He glared at me with disdain. When I was within his comfort zone, I doubled my fists and put all my strength into a right arm swing at his face. His nose burst with blood as he fell. His glasses were mangled, the lenses cracked and the wire frames bent beyond repair.

I stood over the little jerk’s moaning body and looked around. I expected to see some kind of authorities running at me. There were none. Other people around me appeared uninterested. My knuckles were uninjured. I was encouraged.

I went looking for that nut, Adolph Hitler and some of his gang. Meanwhile, I could wait for Donald J. Trump’s arrival.

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The Man Who Knew Not Who He Was

April 7, 2019 Leave a comment

He never knew who he was, and he was very, very old before he learned that he didn’t know who he was. He had stumbled through life, year after year, making stupid decisions day after day. He was not really stupid, he was just different. Not different and better, not different and worse. He was just different, perhaps because he didn’t know who he was.

He didn’t have amnesia or anything like that. His memory was fine. He could remember many of his adventures and misadventures. However, he did not see himself in a role in any scene in which he was living. He was just being who he was and doing what he did. Unfortunately, he didn’t know who he was while he was being himself. He believed that his friends and relatives liked him well enough. However, he did not know who he was, so he could have easily been wrong about peoples’ opinion of him.

When he was very, very old, and subscribed to Facebook, he occasionally made contact with friends from when he was young. On some occasions, the contacts were warm and sentimental, some were cool and reserved. One, however was outright nasty.

The man thought to seek this old friend because his family name was unusual, so a search might find him. He did find the old “friend”, and wished he had failed. The man wrote only, “Yeah, I’ve thought of you too,” and promptly cut off any contact.

Our man could not get the situation out of his mind. Over time, he began to recall his role in various scenes when he and his friends were young men. He realized that he had been the “rich prick” in his circle of “friends”. He had seen himself as just another one of the guys, but they had seen him as the rich prick, and they disliked him out of jealousy.

The man realized that there was nothing he could do about another person’s feelings and opinion, so he went on with his satisfying life and tried to forget his disappointment.

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Psychopaths in the Streets

March 20, 2019 1 comment

Everywhere you go, wherever you are, you are at risk. The news in any media carries stories of screwballs – psychopaths – doing damage every day. Simply imagine a person that has no feelings. You probably can’t imagine a person that feels nothing emotionally. I lived with a beautiful woman for 4 years, and I was so stupidly smitten by this psychologically bereft woman that I didn’t realize that she was emotionally challenged.

When I first met Gloria, she was a “temp”, a temporary employee in the secretary pool in the office where I was employed as a writer/designer. She had an irregular sway as she walked down the long corridors, and I enjoyed very much stepping out of my office to watch her sway her way along.

One day I encountered her in the coffee room. I flirted superficially and learned that she was married. On a later encounter, I learned that her husband was a zero as a man. He was employed as a shoe salesman in his father’s small store. He was so awkward, she claimed, that he implored her to teach him, saying that he was inexperienced and she could teach him how sex works. Not a good beginning for a woman who told me she had been flown to England to get an abortion when she was just 19. It was the only place where you could get an abortion in those days. She had apparently had a fling with a soldier. I don’t know more about that.

Gloria had no feelings about the aborted child. She had no feelings about the soldier. She had no feelings about her husband or his family. Her own family had little feelings for her. She had an older sister that was a stay-at-home wife and a younger sister that became an accountant. One day I followed her from the coffee room to the screening room. She was carrying a tray of coffees and condiments so her hands were full. I approached her from the back, reached around and cupped her breasts. She made no objection.

My experiences with a person that lacked empathy so thoroughly have shown me that we all are in danger. Murders in the USA proliferate so easily because guns are everywhere in all kinds of peoples’ hands. So are cars and trucks, as we have seen vehicles used as murder weapons in the streets. The people so killed never saw it coming.

You or I won’t see it coming either, if we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. The streets are full of potential psychopaths, so watch your back.

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Have You Ever Met Your Doppelganger?

October 10, 2018 Leave a comment

It’s said that everybody has one. An identical twin to which you are not connected is called a doppelganger. I’ve seen mine. The first time was on a public transit platform at about 1:00am. I was sixteen, returning home from a movie date. The tram stopped right in front of her building, so I dropped her there and continued a few blocks to the platform.

I had to leave the tram at the loop and catch the next bus north to get close to home.  The doppelganger was not going the same way as I was. His tram arrived before my bus. We looked at each other for a moment and he said, “We look alike.” I said yes. We nodded at each other and he boarded the tram.

Since then I’ve seen him shopping for groceries in a supermarket and lining up for concert tickets to a Bruce Cockburn concert. We just nod at each other and carry on with what we were doing without more contact.

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My Friends Didn’t Like Me

October 8, 2018 Leave a comment

I had no idea. I’m 81 years old, and I just found out that my friends from high school and beyond did not like me. How can one be friends with a person one doesn’t like? I just learned a while ago that I was disliked. I found on Facebook a friend from our late teens to middle 20s. All he said was, “Yeah, I’ve thought of you over the years, too.” He then cut me off and blocked me. I was shocked and upset. I had been living far away, in different places for about 45 years, but the memories are still warm for me.

Could it be that no good deed goes unpunished? I trace my memories from those days, and I begin to realize that I was more fortunate than my buddies. I honestly didn’t notice it at the time. We were in the same neighbourhood and went to the same high school, and I just didn’t notice. I realize now that I lived in the best house, had the best cars and we even had a summer home on a lake. My brothers and I each had our own powerboat.

My friends lived just a few blocks away from my house, where my brothers and I lived with our parents. The only reason why my life was better than my pseudo friends’ lives was, I guess, that my father was smarter, or worked harder, or was luckier than were my friends’ fathers.

Our home was a large, center-hall corner house with a double car garage at the back of the large back yard. We each had our own spacious room, beautifully furnished. Danny’s home with his parents was a below-ground apartment in a four-plex. Irv and Balsky lived in a nearby working-class neighbourhood. Most households had one car, my household had three cars, all new, all top of the line.

In my recollections, I can now notice the resentment in their eyes. Two of them needed transportation to help with their university-based lives. I did not attend any university. I had two, small, older economical cars for which I had plans as a hobby. Instead, I gave them the cars, one British car to Fred and one German car to Danny.

I pictured myself in their needy position, and this “friend” casually solves my problems. I, as a “needy”, can’t help but feel some resentment. “I’m desperate and he has cars to give away,” I might tell myself.

I’m 80. Most of my old friends have passed away. It seems they weren’t real friends anyway. I can’t change my ways now because it’s too late. Maybe I should not care about it, because I was doing the right thing. I was the victim of a unique bigotry against inherited good fortune. Perhaps it is true that no good deed goes unpunished.

A victim is not a sinner.

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One Can Live Too Long

September 11, 2018 Leave a comment

It becomes too much trouble to stay current on the steady flow of innovations in software and hardware. I wonder why people line up to get the latest gizmo. They can get it tomorrow without the lineup. If they’re out of stock, they’ll have more on Thursday.

One grows gradually into solitude. The associates that one encountered and sometimes befriended and sometimes loved begin to die off. One expects the people from the past to live more or less as one’s self lives. Strangely, almost all of them have passed away. The girls from high school, the young men and women that one dated or lived with are no longer in our society.

You look around yourself. You don’t know anybody. Nobody knows you. The shared experiences of life are now yours alone. From the time you “hooked” a chocolate bar at the corner store to the time you built a raft in the ravine and the time you drove to Florida with nothing but a borrowed credit card.

Thousands of experiences once shared, now cached in just your own fading memory. Passing one’s self along to others is a way to make a mark.

Tell the truth to children.

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